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Benefits of basil seeds for slimming

Benefits of basil seeds for slimming

Basil has many and varied benefits for health and beauty, and it is believed that basil seeds in particular may help in losing weight, what is the truth about the benefits of basil seeds for slimming?

Benefits of basil seeds for slimming

First of all, we should note that there are many different types of basil, and therefore many types of basil seeds, but the seeds that can be eaten and used for slimming are the sweet basil seeds specifically, which are black seeds that resemble a teardrop in their external shape, also known as sabja seeds Seeds).

If you want to try basil seeds for weight loss, read the following article to learn more:

Benefits of basil seeds for slimming: What is the truth?

Eating basil seeds can actually help you lose extra pounds, due to the potential of basil seeds to:

1. Stimulating the feeling of satiety

Some of the benefits of basil seeds for weight loss stem from the ability of these potential seeds to curb appetite and stimulate a feeling of satiety, as:

  • Basil seeds are high in fiber, such as pectin, and while fiber in general may stimulate feelings of fullness for longer, pectin fiber in particular may help boost the production of the satiety hormone.
  • Basil seeds are rich in protein and protein, and like fiber, they tend to stay in the gut for a relatively long time until they are fully digested, promoting a feeling of satiety.
  • Basil seeds tend to swell up when in contact with liquids, so a small amount can take up a relatively large amount of space in your stomach when ingested, which can promote satiety for a relatively long time.

Therefore, eating basil seeds can help reduce the amount of food consumed daily and prevent overeating, which may reduce the amount of calories that enter the body daily, which may have a positive effect on body weight.

2. Providing the body with few calories in exchange for many nutrients

Basil seeds are among the low-calorie foods, and due to the richness of these seeds with many important nutrients for the body, eating these seeds may help provide the body with important nutrients for only a small amount of calories.

3. Detoxify the body

Some of the benefits of basil seeds for slimming may stem from the potential of these seeds to resist constipation. These seeds are rich in fiber, and fiber may help move suspended waste and improve the body’s ability to expel it, so eating basil seeds can help rid the body of toxins, which may be It has a positive effect on weight.

4. Supporting a healthy body during exercise

Eating basil seeds may help support efforts during exercise, which may enhance the body’s ability to lose excess weight and build muscle, as these seeds may contribute to:

  • Providing the body with some important minerals to maintain muscle health, such as: calcium, magnesium, and iron.
  • Providing the body with important proteins to build and strengthen muscles.
  • Resist fatigue, and provide the body with the energy needed to exercise.

5. Boost metabolism and burn fat

Eating basil seeds can boost metabolism in the body, which may contribute to burning fat, as basil seeds contain:

  • Alpha-linolenic acid – ALA, an acid that may help boost fat metabolism in the body.
  • A good amount of carbohydrates, which may help provide the body with energy and speed up the body’s metabolic processes.

6. Achieving other benefits for the body

Some of the benefits of basil seeds for slimming may also stem from the potential of these seeds to:

  • Fight depression Due to the omega-3 fatty acid content of these seeds, which may help combat the weight gain and obesity associated with depression.
  • Resistance to diabetes, and its possible complications, such as obesity.
How to use basil seeds for weight loss

Here is more than one way:

1. Basil seeds recipe with water and lemon

Here are the details:

  • Recipe ingredients
  • These are the ingredients you need to make sure you have in your kitchen before you start:
  • Two teaspoons of basil seeds.
  • Half a cup of water.
  • A tablespoon of natural bee honey.

A cup of warm water.

Half a tablespoon of lemon juice.

How to prepare and eat the recipe

To use basil seeds for weight loss, here are the steps:

1- Add the basil seeds to half a cup of water, and let it soak in the water for 30 minutes.

2- Add the soaked basil seeds to a cup of warm water, then add honey and lemon to the mixture.

3- Drink the mixture daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

2. Other recipes

You can also try to reap the benefits of basil seeds for slimming in other ways, such as:

  • Eat a spoonful of basil seeds pre-soaked in water before eating the main meals daily.
  • Eat a few basil seeds soaked in yoghurt daily.

Basil seeds side effects

After we discussed the benefits of basil seeds for slimming, let us review the potential damages and complications that may result from the use of this type of seeds. Here is a list of the most prominent of them:

  • Possible complications for people with the following: hormonal disorders, thyroid problems.
  • Choking hazard, as basil seeds tend to absorb water in quantities equivalent to their weight, so swallowing them before mixing them with an appropriate amount of water may lead to a hard-to-swallow mass.
  • Complications for pregnant women, due to the potential ability of basil seeds to affect the levels of body hormones, especially estrogen.
  • Disorders related to digestion, basil seeds are rich in fiber, so eating them in excess may cause disorders such as: diarrhea, bloating, and abdominal cramps.
  • Other complications and damages, such as: a slow heartbeat, a drop in blood pressure, a drop in the blood sugar level, and infertility for men.

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